Wee Worship is CCC children’s church for children ages 4-10, and serviced by trained adult teachers whose goal is to provide a fun and interactive programs tailored for age and grade.

Wee Worship meets during the 10:45am Sunday worship service.

Meet in Room 104

Wee Worship Vision:

Wee Worship exists as a ministry seek to lead children to Christ while at the same making disciples of Christ.

Wee Worship Ministry Values:

We seek to equip our youth for ministry by following and applying God’s Word to their lives.

We seek to inspire them to want to learn more about God as we engage them in the study of God’s Word, songs of worship, and by providing a safe, nurturing and fun environment.

It is our heart’s desire the children of Wee Worship will demonstrate their commitment to God through genuine and willful participation in ministry and service.